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Data Backup and Recovery

Quick Fact: 99.9% of Hard Drives and other storage devices Fail

Backup Solutions:
We have seen so many homes and businesses with little or no data backup solution in place.
Many loosing family photos, important documents, legal documents, and even business’s loosing years of financial and accounting records.
Not many people realise that the cost of implementing a backup solution can cost as little as $180, and when comparing this to the cost of recovering your data if you have no backup and your drive crashes, you could be looking at  $2,500+, and even more for businesses.
Corruption and data loss can occur in so many ways: a simple drop, power surge, burglary or sometimes it can’t be explained. That is why having an automated solution is so essential to your home or business.

Data Recovery Solutions:
We specialise in recovering data through all forms of loss. Due to the nature of some recoveries, we generally need to take the machine or drive back to a workshop where it can be properly examined.

We can assist in diagnosing and often recovering the typical problems below:
Common Software problems are:
    > Accidentally Formatted Hard Disks.
    > Corrupt or Deleted Partitions.
    > Accidentally Deleted Files.
    > Unable to Read or Boot from Hard Disk.
    > Deleted Files from flash drives (USBs, SDs, etc)
    > Unreadable or Corrupt Data.
    > Files that have been attacked by a Virus.
    > Files that have disappeared
Common Hardware Problems are:
    > Hard Disks that have no power.
    > Hard Disks that make clicking or grinding noises.
    > Hard Disks that are not detected by your BIOS.
    > Disk is not spinning.
    > Disk is making Clunking or Scratching Sounds.
    > Computer cannot detect hard disk
    > PC had a recent Power Surge and Hard Disk no longer works
    > Computer Can Detect Hard Disk but cannot Read any data from it
No matter what the problem is, whether it’s a backup or recovery solutions, we have never had a job we couldn’t provide a solution too! So contact us to book a technician to come on-site to diagnose and fix the problem today!

Case Study:
In late 2011, an accountant contacted us who had 5 years of MYOB and accounting data saved on his desktop hard drive, which had unfortunately just died.
He was quoted an average of $2,400 to have the data recovered by 3 other companies, but we managed to recovery the data for just over $800.
A simple $250 backup solution could have saved him $550-$2,200, and 3 days of lost productivity along with the worry of never getting it back.