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The key to every relationship is trust, and we believe in providing customers the best solution, even if this means leveraging other business’s products/services to deliver the right solution.

This is why we resell domain names and hosting plans from specialist hosting companies instead of providing them ourselves.

When you purchase domain names or hosting directly from a retail provider, it takes a lot of knowledge to get the right plan, get the site up and running, make changes to your domain name and hosting plan to optomise your service. Most end users do not have this knowledge, and end up paying administration fees for each request, and often do not know what to even ask.

When we resell hosting, we get plans from hosting companies at a wholesale rate, and if you take up a website maintenance contract we help you manage and administrator all aspects of your domain name and website hosting. The cost sometimes ends up being slightly more than you might get with some retail providers directly, but you now have someone who can administer and manage your domain name and hosting service.

Website Design

PC Australia specialise in website design, from personal websites with a photo gallery, to professional looking corporate websites, all the way up to E-Commerce websites with payment processing and integration into your accounting provider such as MYOB or Quickbooks.

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