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We can help protect, and recover your device from virus and spyware infections.

It is often a misunderstood fact, that both Apple OSX and Windows need virus protection, but what can you do when you don’t have it, or you do have it and something slips through the cracks?

Virus’s and Spyware can have a devastating impact based on the type of infection you have, it could be one that logs what you type on your keyboard, captures your banking and credit card details, watches what websites you visit, or even encrypts your files so that you can’t access them anymore (Most commonly called ransomware or cryptolockers)

We recommend that as soon as you become aware you have a virus, malware or spyware infection, that you turn off your device immediately. Depending on the infection, leaving it on could cause more harm to your machine.

We have never had a job that we couldn’t complete! So Contact Us to book a technician to come on-site to diagnose and fix the problem today!

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